Welcome to Ashland Taxidermy!

1. You are a taxidermist.

2. You are in or near Ashland.

3. You need AshlandTaxidermy.com!

If the preceding is true, please contact me right away.  I am selling this domain for only $500. You will own it completely.  If you like, for $200 more I can create for you a beautiful taxidermy website with your photos, words, videos, contact information, etc.  Also, for the same price, If you like, I will incorporate your existing or create new social networks such as youtube, twitter, ebay, instagram, facebook, etc. to promote your website.

Having “what you” do and “where you are” in your domain name is one of the best things you can do for your business!  Think about it: just having your domain on a business card lets people know everything they need!

No double talk or tricks, no fine print… $500 you own everything. $200 more and I am there for you to build, modify, develop your online business to your specifications.

Check my references HERE

If you are a taxidermist near Ashland, you need AshlandTaxidermy.com!

Remember, the first $500 or best offer gets it.
call brad

or http://www.customgenius.com/contact

ashland taxidermy card

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